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The 11 CATEGORIES BELOW cover the following topics: • CONSERVATION • RECYCLING • Garden PESTS (ways to deter them), NATURAL HOUSE CLEANING, Which Fish are Safe to Eat • ATTRACTING & FEEDING Birds & Butterflies, Moths, Helping Injured Birds & Butterflies, Home-made Suet • AWESOME Nature things we saw or heard • FLOWERS, Trees, Bushes; questions & answers • NATURE CENTERS & Reserves • NUTRITION for Humanity (help third-world countries); also, our FOUR TOP FRUITS • PLANETS, Comets, Meteors, Natural Phenomena & Fractals • Nature EVENTS • SOUNDS OF NATURE (listen to whooping cranes, dolphins talking to human fetuses in the womb, etc.). Also, under this "WELCOME" category, visit some inspirational sites that will tweak your brainstorming, spirituality and enjoyment of life, or learn about the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine; free anywhere in the U.S.

Note: I attracted ORIOLES & GROSBEAKS for two weeks, on their way north, in early May!

For extensive info on ATTRACTING BIRDS YEAR-ROUND anywhere: which prefer which seeds, which only feed off the ground, which are insect-eaters, cavity nesters, and descriptions of them, go to my article BIRDS.

For details on WHICH PLANTS ATTRACT WHICH BUTTERFLIES, their identification, natural defenses against predators, tips and photos, go to BUTTERFLIES, or check under "Attract birds, butterflies, etc." on this site.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Conservation & Protect Our Natural Resources

Under this category, find out which organizations are striving to protect our land and its wildlife, how you can help, and how lawmakers and developers are helping or hindering our ecosystems. Learn how you can reduce toxic waste of CELL PHONES, and how you can PRESERVE YOUR LAND, forever!--and more, under here. In essence: "We must strive to protect this earth that sustains us."--Darlene


Garden Pests & Problems, Natural Housecleaning, Which Fish are Safe to Eat

Natural ways to get rid of or repel insects and pests inside the house and out, including ants, mice, weeds, & moths (see my 10/18/05 comments under this category). Also squirrels, moles, rabbits, invasive or overgrown plants. Natural ways to keep cats out of your garden (11/16/05) Learn how to maintain an organic, pesticide and herbicide-free yard. Even find out which fish are safe to eat. Feel free to ask questions or add your own tips under this category at


Friday, January 16, 2009

Nature Centers, Attractions, Reserves for Birdwatching, Wildlife, etc.

Use this category at to find or add PLACES WHERE WE NATURE LOVERS CAN GO, and what they have to offer, so we can IMMERSE OURSELVES IN NATURE.

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Nature Events: Expos, Bird Watching, Flower Sales, etc. Around the World

On this page/category at, let us know what type of upcoming nature-related events will be occuring. On your first line, please include the city, state and country where the event will be taking place, and add a link to that site if you can, so we can learn more. For example, here's my first: Grand Marais Boreal Birding Festival, Minnesota, Grand Marais, in June. , and their Fall Migration Festival in October.


Recycling & Reusable Goods, including motor vehicles, and where to do it

It's amazing how many everyday used goods we have lying around the house that someone else can use, either to recycle so they can help our environment, or to re-use for a personal project. Go through the comments underneath this post to find them or add more. There are even places that will recycle used motor vehicles to help promote environmental education, such as the Dodge Nature Center, In my 10/29/05 comment under this category, learn where you can RECYCLE YOUR APPLIANCES, ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS and BATTERIES, or places where you can give or get free reusable goods. Also, some schools collect Campbell's soup can labels to help purchase new equipment. School computer labs often need used paper if it's only printed on one side. Perhaps you need used greeting cards for personal projects. (Let know, and we readers can save and send them to you.) The University of Minnesota's Raptor Center needs used ink cartridges for recycling to raise money for raptor rehab. (Go to "Make a Donation," then "Recycling for Raptors.") So does the "Cash for Critters" program at the MN Humane Society (call 651-665-9311 for more info. or e-mail questions to, and again, the Dodge Nature Center. Also, Cartridge World of Eagan, 651-454-4453, sells refilled ink cartridges at a discount price. Don't forget you can use the water from your dehumidifier to water your plants and yard! Recycle spent rechargeable batteries (4/11/07 comment). C'mon, people, spread the word! Help each other, and our environment.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Awesome Nature Things We Saw or Heard

In the comments under this category, watch a hummingbird's growing stages (8/23/05), or watch and listen to dolphins talking to human fetuses while they're in the womb (10/18/05); listen to whooping cranes (8/7/05), learn about inbuilt natural defenses (such as coloration), in wildlife and domestic cats, and learn more about tornadoes (8/27/05), or how Aloe Vera is being tested as a natural food preservative (11/13/05). Listen to and view a variety of natural sounds, including birds, insects, and storms (11/5/05). On 12/3/05, read how a pack of squirrels attacked and killed a dog (12/3/05), or how my friend's cat delivered a kitten on her lap(9/1/05), find the nutritional values of many raw foods (9/19/05), and even find tips on Multiple Sclerosis, or relate your favorite nature experiences (yes, there are white muskies!-9/13/05). All this and more in the comments under here at


Attracting Birds, Butterflies, Moths, Bird Feeding, Helping Injured Birds & Butterflies, Making Home-Made Suet

For details on WHICH PLANTS ATTRACT WHICH BUTTERFLIES, their identification and photos, natural defenses against predators, warning coloration, how to help an injured butterfly, and more, go to my article at BUTTERFLIES, or check the comments under this category. (Ex. Help an injured swallowtail (8/4/05). For details on ATTRACTING BIRDS; which birds eat which seeds, which only eat on the ground, orioles & hummingbirds, birds that eat suet, or insect-eating birds, etc., go to my article at BIRDS. Also check the comments below for: Best method to attract bluebirds to a bluebird box, 1/8/06; help a baby bird that can’t fly, 10/15/05; home-made suet recipes, 12/14/05, etc. Feel free to ask or answer questions here, or share your intriguing experiences. Tip: Many birds have a party eating peeled bananas on the ground. Robins love cooked macaroni and cheese and grape jelly. Chickadees love peanut butter.

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Flowers, Trees, Bushes; Questions and Answers

On this page at, you can ask questions (such as when to trim your trees), give feedback, or share wonderment over your flowers, trees, bushes, etc. (For example: I take my geraniums inside every year, instead of throwing them away as so many others do. They thrive throughout the winter, and if they're in a sunny location, even bloom.)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Planets, Comets, Meteor Showers, Natural Phenomena, Fractals

Have questions or answers about upcoming meteor showers or comets? What are the planets doing now? Know any facts about natural phenomena for For example, those colored patterns above the horizon that appear to be mini rainbows are sun dogs, and are caused when light from the sun near the horizon is refracted by ice crystals in the atmosphere. They're also called "mock suns," or technically, "parthelia." Learn about and view fractals under here, too.


Nutrition for Humanity

Why is the moringa tree vital in relieving hunger and poverty? How can you help Ugandan women eradicate poverty? How can you help specific organizations and causes that assist third-world and developing countries in their efforts to survive? All this and more in the comments under this category at For some, you can help by simply holding a “party,” and with all of them, by spreading the word of their existence. Also, you may appreciate my article on the "Four Best Fruits: Healthiest, Nutritious, High in Antioxidants and Fiber, Low in Calories"


Sounds of Nature

Listen to a wide variety of sounds of nature, including birds, insects and storms (go to my 11/5/05 comment under this category and click on the link, and check out the comments with sites before that). Hear DOLPHINS talking to pregnant women and the fetuses in their wombs (my 4/12/07 comment under here). Also, if you know of any other sites where we at can listen to various sounds of nature, feel free to add them. If you go to, the "Lake Superior Trading Post," you can find CDs with nature sounds for sale. Among them are, Journey to the Northwoods, which has authentic field recordings of local birds, insects, animals, waterfalls and the wind in the wilderness. In their Echoes of the Loon, you can hear the sounds of loons and other birds, crickets, thunderstorms, etc. They also offer a Loon Flute: Attract & Communicate with the Loons. (At the Trading Post site, click on “shop,” then “gifts,” and scroll down.)